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Wivet BuildingWivet.com operates a portfolio of digital businesses and real estate that serve users all over the world. Wivet.com's evolving platform of structured proprietary industry verticals implement SaaS to assist more users and grow market share. Wivet.com builds tools that help people. We continue to grow as a leading provider of online tools, information and advertising in a variety of industries such as automotive, real estate, financial markets, internet real estate, mobility, local advertising, crypto alternative currency, and more.

Wivet Portfolio of Companies

BitBuxx.com is a digital currency platform based network.

Consulting: We work with select clients to develop sustainable partnerships.

Dividend Domains manages our in house portfolio of intellectual property as well as providers buyer and seller brokerage services to select clients.

DCN is a leading online network serving visitors seeking information in end of life planning services, a $20BN industry in the United States.

Fiscal Network is an online network of consumer investing platforms serving international financial markets focusing the mutual fund and exchange traded fund industry. 

Internet Auto Network is an online network of sites serving consumers auto and personal transportation industry with a special emphasis on eco friendly technologies. 

Local Marketing Network our network of sites serves visitors searching for service professionals in select geographical areas. 

Scooter Dealers is the leading source of motor and mobility scooter dealers and companies in the United States and other global regions, a $55BN industry by 2025.

STL Source online network of sites serving the St. Louis metropolitan area across a number of different vertacles including food, automotive, health, and more. 

Tuck Pointer The fastest way to find local tuck pointers and tuckpointing companies

Vunderful is the new ecommerce division of Wivet.

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